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We have continuously develop and diversify our capabilities in building communications network, systems and value added services for telecommunications, Healthcare IT, Internet Service Providers and Enterprises of all business size and structure.

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​Global Multi-tech Solutions is GDPMD (Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices) certified. GMS’s quality distribution system is in compliant with the mandatory requirements in the Malaysia Healthcare IT Industry set by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

The Cyber Essentials mark is a cybersecurity certification for organisations that are embarking on their cybersecurity journey. It is targeted at organisations such as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Some SMEs have limited IT and/or cybersecurity expertise and resources; the Cyber Essentials mark aims to enable them to prioritise the cybersecurity measures needed to safeguard their systems and operations from common cyber-attacks.

The Cyber Essentials mark also serves to recognise the organisations that have put in place good cyber hygiene measures.